Get there faster…

Your perfect life. The one you dream about while you’re waiting on the kids, etc.

Does it seem like you’ll never get there?

Maybe you’ve done all the right things, wrong things, saved, spent, tried different income streams/ businesses, spent a lot of time and money only to find it wasn’t “the way” to get “there,” I know I have.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my career as a stylist, and business owner, but frankly, I don’t want to have to fight the commute (daily) to get to the studio, or be away from home for weeks at a time on a shoot. There was a time I didn’t mind that, but it’s different now.

For you, it might different now too. Maybe you want to be home with your kids, but miss the added income you brought in. Maybe you want your husband home more. Maybe you’re in the “sandwich” years and are supporting 2 households; your aging parents while raising or trying to launch your kids. Maybe there is a huge list of other things you just want to spend your time on now.

I’ve been amazed by how well/fast this actually works… would you like to hear more? Go here …

You CAN get there faster…

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello there …. we are still under construction here a bit, so not all the links work YET… but thanks for coming. I’m working madly to get things up to share with you… feel free to poke around a bit, and then please check back!

Lovely weather today, and I’m out prop running or shooting, OR getting ready to share how I can do the things I love and see some wonderful places, and still make a living… stay tuned!

Vacation for a Living?

Now I can see you sitting there with your furrowed brow. But before that becomes permanent – I’ll tell you the honest truth.

You can book your 80% off trip, pack up the kids and go and spend for the entire week what one night would cost you on Trip Adviser.

Then, share the Private Vacation Club, with which you are a member, with your sister, best friend, kid’s playmates moms, Pinterest, Facebook, or wherever you like. When you refer them, and they also become a member, they are happy happy happy, and you get an email saying “Congratulations, you just referred ________ and made a _______ commission.”

To be on the beach or at Disneyland with your kids and see that on your phone…. !!!! Smiles. Happiness. And with the very first one, even a little amazement.

Take a look….

Nothing renews a family/marriage more… but most of us think we can’t really afford it, so we end up not going anywhere. But you can.

Especially when you are also making money while you go!

I’d love to tell you more…. and show you how you can have this membership too, choose from over 5000 resorts all over the world, and stay at most for around $389. to $699. for the entire week. You can start a “beach front (or backyard) business of your own, just like I did. 🙂

I give webinars weekly where I explain all the details….(along with how to market this on Pinterest.) Email me to get a note on the when the next one is…

Talk soon,

Easter discovery…

When I took this yesterday I could barely see that little bee, and thought he flew away (the whole tree is buzzing this time of year) – what a nice surprise to see him there!

See those tiny yellow centers? Those are baby grapefruit. They smell like Heaven, and if you can get a citrus tree (any kind) to grow in your yard, or pot on the patio, do it! They all smell wonderful …

More about this “inherited” tree in another post. For now, I’m experimenting with PicMonkey, (note edges, etc) and I’ll let you know my findings. Way easier than some other editing programs I’ve tried, including Photoshop!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!