Easter discovery…

When I took this yesterday I could barely see that little bee, and thought he flew away (the whole tree is buzzing this time of year) – what a nice surprise to see him there!

See those tiny yellow centers? Those are baby grapefruit. They smell like Heaven, and if you can get a citrus tree (any kind) to grow in your yard, or pot on the patio, do it! They all smell wonderful …

More about this “inherited” tree in another post. For now, I’m experimenting with PicMonkey, (note edges, etc) and I’ll let you know my findings. Way easier than some other editing programs I’ve tried, including Photoshop!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello there …. we are still under construction here a bit, so not all the links work YET… but thanks for coming. I’m working madly to get things up to share with you… feel free to poke around a bit, and then please check back!

Lovely weather today, and I’m out prop running or shooting, OR getting ready to share how I can do the things I love and see some wonderful places, and still make a living… stay tuned!